About Me

I work as a consultant and internal coach to the team at Oxford Insights (OI). I lead OI’s work on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in procurement. 

With UK GDS I assessed the gender equality and social inclusion practices within ICT procurement in five countries. As part of that project I developed a quantitative framework for countries to use to evaluate gender and social inclusion in their procurement processes, laws and regulations. I then conceived of and am now developing a qualitative framework which, in combination, will allow governments and companies around the world to not only measure how inclusive they are, but also help them to develop policies specifically aimed at DEI practices within procurement. I also takes a wider lens to procurement with a focus on sustainability. As part of a recent project with the Open Data Institute and Microsoft I conducted research on net-zero value chains and the circular economy. 

As a coach, I help the team focus on their career development, using their values to drive change and work as an internal advocate to ensure each team member works on projects they are passionate about. I take a DEI approach to coaching with the aim of empowering each individual to enact change. This experience also helps me work with clients across different sectors to better understand the importance of and value of DEI enabling them to change behaviours and set up new policies.

I am a speaker and advocate for gender equality and human rights with a focus on tech. I have spoken at two UNESCO international conferences in Paris and Beijing and participated in an expert meeting in Geneva at UN Human Rights. I was interviewed in front of a live audience by Northern Ireland Future Screens on my work on DEI in procurement and how I have used my experience in marketing and e-commerce to build my career. 

Consulting, Coaching, Research, Communications, Writing, Storytelling, Budget management, Workshop creation and execution. Languages: English- mother tongue and French - limited working proficiency

Social justice, women's rights, exploring photography, obstacle course races, food (I mean who doesn't LOVE food) and free-from (allergy friendly) baking.